Friday, October 17, 2014

So I keep forgetting I've got this blog

But today I remembered, and decided that I was going to write in it as well.

I've been having trouble creating personal work for quite some time, and I suppose even drawing in general. I constantly feel that I need to top myself, or make a really grand project, or really try to fine-tune my style. Everything has to be planned just so. Of course, this always backfires and I more often than not end up creating nothing at all.

And that's really stupid.

So this week I have been letting myself sketch a couple of characters before my ordinary work, without caring too much of how they turned out. This is, aside from an exercise in character design, a way to allow myself some spontaneity. I used to be better at it, and I need to learn once again that it's not the end of the world if the finished product isn't the best thing I've ever created. So far it has felt really good.

I'll keep doing this as well as other exercises here on the blog, and write down more of my thoughts along the way. I believe it will be of help to me, and hopefully even to other stupid illustrators who are thinking too much.

(The regal looking guy is supposed to be Christian II of Denmark (generally known as Kristian Tyrann in Sweden) - I asked my friend what to draw, and she told me to draw the old king without looking up what he actually looked like.)

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