Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I have gathered some frequently (and less frequently) asked questions about me and my work, in an attempt to quench your undying thirst for knowledge. I might expand on this if anything else comes to mind, but for now:

Q: You seem to be some sort of drawtist, so can I hire you for this cool paying job I have in mind?

A: Absolutely you can! Any serious job inquiries are always welcome, so just contact me through email or PM.

Q: You seem to be some sort of drawtist, so can you draw me a cat/a flatbed truck/whatever I want for free? It will be good marketing for you!

A: Absolutely I won’t! As someone who draws for a living I will MOST CERTAINLY NEVER do anything for free, however cool your flatbed cat truck may seem. Free marketing is never a good enough reason, and you should know better.

Q: How did you make [painting]?

A: Unless otherwise specified almost all of my work is done with Photoshop, and the version I’m currently using is CS5. I use a Wacom Intuos3 to paint.

Q: So, how did you learn to use this ‘Photoshop’ then?

A: When I started out as a digital artist I used to hang around the forums at conceptart.org. I learned a lot by joining in community painting exercises, getting critique from my peers, and studying other artists’ work and tutorials.

Q: Did you go to art school at all?

A: I did! But I knew Photoshop before then. In 2009 I went to Konstskolan Basis in Stockholm to study the basics, and then went on to study graphic design and illustration at Nyckelviksskolan in 2010.

Q: Have you made any tutorials I can look at?

A: Nothing that isn’t in a magazine or made after 2008. I do have plans to make more tutorials in the near future though. Stick around and you might just get lucky!

Q: Why do you draw all those stupid animal characters all the time?

A: Because it's fun to play around with their shapes. Also because animals are funny and stupid. 

Q: What did you think of season three of Downton Abbey?

A: I thought it was worse than the previous seasons, but is this really…

Q: Have you ever kissed a girl? Are you a mormon? Can I borrow your penguin T-shirt?

A: T-this certainly isn’t relevant! That's enough for now!


(Didn’t find an answer you were looking for? Just ask me directly, but keep it classy!)